The Magic of Gaia

The Party Forms
Our characters meet and set out.

Our story begins before dawn, with a young dwarf kneeling before a shrine to Paladine, saying his morning prayers, when a young elf gently interrupts him, requesting hem to follow her. Looking up from the shrine he recognizes her as Shava, the High Priestess of Mishakal, and he follows her up a tower, which does not appear from the outside, and into an office of sorts. After a conversation, she gives him charge to explore and map the surrounding areas, bringing with him a young man with an aptitude towards the new force we call magic, taking his leave, he joins combat training.

A young man sleeps fitfully, his dreams filled with magic, as a cleric knocks on his front door. After a short discussion, his mother wakes him up and the cleric, with a deep blue cloak emblazoned with a sky blue infinity on the chest, informs him that the High Priestess of Mishakal has summoned him. After a light breakfast of eggs and bacon he sets out to the church, the rising sun warming his skin, and the gentle breeze carrying the slight wisp of magic through the air. When he arrives at the church, an acolyte of Mishakal leads him up the tower stairs, and to the High Priestess’s office, who describes the paladin she spoke to earlier, and the task they both have. Bowing respectfully, he takes his leave to find the young dwarven paladin.

Asking an acolyte where he might find the paladin, the young wizard walks out into the training grounds, finding the Paladins of Paladine and Kiri-Jolith training in one-on-one combat, approaching a gruff looking paladin he is directed to a paladin training against wooden dummies. When he looks over, the dwarf splits the dummy and grabs another one. After introductions, the young wizard tries to show off his battle prowess, grabbing his knife and attacking the dummy twice, and missing both times. after a short comment by the dwarf, the wizard blasts the dummy with firebolt, burning a deep char on it.

After they gather equipment they will need they discuss which direction they should head, when a small girl, around eight years old rushes to join them, carrying a cartographer’s kit, after responding sarcastically to the young wizard’s quip about her age, she finds herself in the Dwarven paladin’s good graces, and they set out, encountering a group of centaurs the girl, who had introduced herself as Hama, had befriended. the rest of the day passes uneventfully.

The next day they encounter a goblin, one of the evils the birth of magic had unleashed, slaying it rather easily, the wizard having taken off its head with a firebolt, they find a measly amount of copper, and a strange sign emblazoned on the cloth the goblin was wearing, A black hood, with a black crescent and yellow skull where the eyes should be. As they settle down for the night four skeletons appear out of the woods, felling the small party with relative ease, as the wizard falls unconscious he sees the skeletons be consumed by multicolored flame, as they close in on Hama. They wake up several hours later in grass huts.


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