Hama Retey


Hama is a young girl, around eight years old, with mousy brown hair and eyes. Often wearing the brown tunic symbolizing an acolyte of Reorx, the God of Craft.


When Hama was only around three years old, a freak fire killed her parents and her two elder siblings, the High Priestess of Mishakal brought her to the church orphanage.

During her time in the orphanage, she was taught many things, from the teachings of the Gods of Good, and the Gods of Neutrality. During one such lesson, she was apprenticing at the local blacksmith, who had asked for an able-bodied youngling to help with the store. He had been shocked when she showed up, along with a young man, who handed the blacksmith a note, assuring him that she was the best youngling they had. As she was working the bellows the flame seemed to speak to her, and the blacksmith would later claim that she had a halo of multicolored flame above her head. on a hunch he had her try her hand at repairing an old sickle one of the farmhands brought to be repaired, He later claimed the mallet glowed in her hand, and the farmhand claimed that the blade felt blessed.

On her eighth birthday she had a choice, devote herself to a god, or stay in the orphanage, she had chosen to pledge her self to Reorx, God of Craft. As of now, she has joined the party as a Cartographer, mapping the wilderness around the village of Evening-glade.

Hama Retey

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