The Backstory

In this world, Gaia, much is unknown; civilization has just begun so cities are very few and far between, kingdoms are nonexistent, and much of the world is wild, adding on to that, a mysterious force that many have taken to calling “Magic” has recently sprung forth seemingly from the earth, and, though this happened only five cycles past, there have been several cases of haphazard use of it, along with this there have been disturbing reports of creatures lurking in the vast wilderness that surrounds these dim beacons of civilization. p. p. The gods have become active once again, since the formation of the world, and have chosen a few lucky (or unlucky) people to protect their children.
p. No one truly knows how vast the world is, some even say it doesn’t end, and so the terrors are overwhelming, many villages and towns have been overrun by the dark side to Magic, reports of the dead rising, lumbering giants, fairies, dragons, demons, the list seems endless.
p. Our party’s story begins in the small village of Evening-glade, populated by the new races that magic has created; elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, as well as the humans who had been born mere centuries ago. Though it is scarcely more than a few farms, a tavern, and a church to the gods, it is your home, one you have known all your life.
p. The High Priestess of Mishakal, Shava, has gathered them to explore the forest surrounding the village, and to report anything strange you find, so that the Paladins of Paladine may clear it, keeping the safety of Evening-glade.

The Magic of Gaia